Traditional filters have proved inadequate!

MossHydro was established to provide the industrial water treatment industry with reliable filters based on highly automated manufacturing capacity and filtration expertise.
MossHydro supplies filter housings made from Duplex 2205 stainless steel.
MossHydro’s aim is to exceed customer’s expectations for quality, reliability and performance.

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Corrosion issues and self-cleaning issues have proven that many filters are not suited for the job

Especially in aggressive environments, like seawater applications, metal corrosion can be severe. Traditional anti-corrosion solutions like carbon steel protected by rubber lining or glass flake coating have limited success mainly due to operational issues where the protective lining/coating gets damaged which accelerates spot corrosion.

There are many types of self-cleaning filters available in the market all with specific (dis)advantages.

One fundamental design future largely determines whether a filter is suited for the application: its self-cleaning capability. There is a common understanding that a self-cleaning filter must have superior self-cleaning capabilities to provide trouble-free operation for years to come.

Poor self-cleaning capabilities result in clogged filters that cannot be cleaned automatically and will result in less/no filtered water available and requires unwanted manual operator intervention to clean the filter by hand.

Therefore, having the right filter suited for the job will prevent:

  • Significant unexpected downtime.
  • Unscheduled maintenance.
  • Higher energy costs.
  • Higher maintenance and operational costs.
  • Inadequate water treatment with risk of severe downstream process failures due to poor water quality and no flow/reduced flow conditions.
  • Premature replacement of filter housings and internal parts.

Moss Hydro understands these issues and manufactures filters made from stainless steel Duplex 2205 with superior self-cleaning capabilities suited for water applications in aggressive environments with filtration degrees from 10 micron to 500 micron.