Traditional filters have proved inadequate!

MossHydro was established to provide the industrial water treatment industry with reliable filters based on highly automated manufacturing capacity and filtration expertise.
MossHydro supplies filter housings made from Duplex 2205 stainless steel.
MossHydro’s aim is to exceed customer’s expectations for quality, reliability and performance.

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  • Robust and reliable filters

    • Best available technology for self-cleaning.
    • Duplex 2205 stainless steel housing – designed for a lifetime trouble free operation!
    • Dramatic weight savings – less than half the weight of conventional filters.
    • Reduced and simplified maintenance

  • Robust multilayer screen

    The weave wire filtration layer is sandwiched between multiple layers for additional robustness and structural integrity

  • Duplex 2205 stainless steel

    MossHydro’s Duplex 2205 stainless steel housings enable weight reduction of 50-70%

  • Multiple Screen Single Housing

    Unique MossHydro patent-pending in-line multiple screen single housing.

  • Robotized and automated manufacturing

    Robotized manufacturing enables extraordinary precision with high tolerances, high welding quality and consistency.

Self-cleaning water filters specifically designed for aggressive environments


Corrosion issues and self-cleaning issues have...

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MossHydro offers cutting-edge filter solutions for aggressive environments...

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MossHydro manufactures filters made from stainless steel Duplex 2205 with superior self-cleaning capabilities...

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